Our Farm

Why a farm?

In keeping with our mission of sustainability and stewardship, the land surrounding the ornamental gardens is gradually being incorporated into various sustainable agricultural and forestry systems, including wildlife management, outdoor recreational and educational programs. Our Certified Naturally Grown farm is a delicious example of how our mission is working to enhance the ecology of the land while creating the highest quality food and valuable educational opportunities. At Meadowlark Gardens we believe that we are part of building a richer future. Five generations of our family have lived here, and, now, twenty times a year, a young couple forms a magical and lasting bond on the same soil. We strive to make it the richest, purest and healthiest possible. From the cradle of civilization to the founding of our country, the farm and the family have been, and will forever be, the bricks and mortar of our prosperity. Know your food. Know your farmer.

Always something in the Garden


Free Range, organic fed

What’s Growing?

At Meadowlark Gardens, we grow all sorts of fresh seasonal produce as well as eggs, chicken and turkey. We’ve produced phenomenal blueberries for decades! We’re adding things every year. Check out some of the highlights below and let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for.


Free range/organic fed

Fresh Eggs

CNG pasture raised eggs

Holiday Turkey

Free Range/organic fed

Mixed Lettuce

CNG seasonal produce

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News & Events

We’ve got Certified Naturally Grown eggs available for farm pick-up or local delivery. Give us a call!

See something you like? Talk to Us

Weekend Markets

PTC farmers market

Fresh Chicken

pick-up/local delivery

Education and Outreach

We are continually exploring new ideas and opportunities to sustainably leverage this unique place and its natural wonder to better the world around us. This takes the form of school field trips, cooking classes, etiquette training, gardening workshops and farm internships—just to name a few. To find out more about what opportunities are available, or to share an idea of your own, find us on Facebook, or…

Camps for kids

Farming and Environmental

School field trips

Elementary/Middle school